Friday, July 19, 2013

The real truth behind the death of Trayvon Martin

WYD and the Trayvon Tragedy | Daily News | "But this has little to do with race — and everything to do with the breakdown of the family."

Violent behavior and paranoia reigned high in what we know ofthe decision making process of both Trayon Martin and George Zimmerman.

Is it possible that the destruction of the family- big in the mind of both, as Trayon's parents were divorced and Zimmerman had recently dealt with a breakin at the home of a single mother- is the cause of this?


Bill S said...

"He was on his THIRD suspension in one year. That shows some very serious behavioral issues with the boy."

Typical NCR comment. Blaming the victim. Zimmerman will be tried and convicted for violating Martin's civil rights.

Theodore Seeber said...

Yep, because the Irrational Witch Hunt wants him to be. Doesn't matter that the kid could have easily escaped merely by going home and locking the door and calling 911 himself.

But I've seen another possible explanation now- homophobia.

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