Sunday, January 26, 2020


Can I put an audio file in here?

No, it appears not, but I can put in a video, and I can make a video out of an audio file easily.
Holy League Mission Statement

Thursday, December 12, 2019

A really good podcast for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Taylor Marshal has a reputation for being a bit of a traditionalist- but this history of Our Lady of Guadalupe, stretching back to the *first* appearance of a statue carved by St. Luke himself, is well worth listening to.  Click through to the blog post, and then click on this sentence to go to the link.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Washington County volunteer opportunity and important service

In September, the Senior Peer Outreach Line went live for Washington County older adults.
Community Counseling Solutions operates the line, which provides free peer support by
phone to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation for adults 55 years old and up.
Seniors are matched with a friendly peer specialist and receive regular phone calls
that offer compassionate support and connection. One Washington County resident
shared that she dreaded the wintertime, but not this year now that she receives
weekly calls from her peer support specialist. The program is referral-based,
not a published number that community members call directly.
Call Community Counseling Solutions at 1-833-736-4676 to make a referral.
Or for more information, contact Washington County’s Kera Magarill at 503-846-3105.

Monday, November 18, 2019

My real opinion on Global Climate Change and Ecosin

What is really at the center is bias. The bias of ecoterrorism that always focuses on the United States as the great evil. We all need to plant 30 trees a year. But it doesn't help to criticize the people who are *already* planting 30 trees a year. What you need to do is target those people who are not yet planting 30 trees a year. Right now, the real reason that the Trump Administration withdrew from the Paris accords is that they appeared to just be taking the pollution out of the United States, Europe, and Canada and moving it to India, China, Africa and South America- with NO solution to the actual problem. In fact, making the problem significantly worse, as companies moved troublesome processes overseas, while keeping low-labor low-pollution processes at home. And still, global warming increased to the point that it became global climate change, and in 2004, we passed the tipping point to where methane being released from Siberia and Northern Canada became the most common greenhouse gas- and that release will continue even if you killed off every human being and stopped every industrial process worldwide. We are already past the tipping point. YES, we should continue to plant our 30 trees per year (I've given my $30 to that trees project that a bunch of Youtubers and the Arbor Day foundation have stared, have you?). Yes we should continue to get better at conserving. But we also are past the tipping point, and it's time to stop putting 100% of our energy into conservation and start putting at least some portion of our energy into adaptation. How do you adapt to a changing, chaotic world? By preparing. Store 25 years worth of food for your family (we have the preservation techniques NOW to do that). Make sure you have a clean water supply in your neighborhood. Invest in people, so that you will have people to help you when you are old. Have children. Make sure you have transportation that does NOT depend upon paying some oil company or electric company for fuel. Those who adapt will survive, those who do not adapt will die. THAT is the law that the church can't change, the basic law of all species, from the lowest dung beetle to the greatest elephant. The world will survive. Will your family survive? Depends on how well you can adapt, not how well you can conserve. No amount of conservation at this point will be enough to escape the rough ride ahead of us.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Why I am against alternative family structures

This post, found on ThemBeforeUs, kind of says it all.  When the point of family ceases to be children, selfishness takes over.
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