Monday, July 29, 2013

Introducing the McBudget

What white East Coast Liberals who think they deserve massive multi-million dollar salaries to be CEOs of major corporations, think about everybody else:


Theodore Seeber said...

So, basically, what you do is find a social ill and blame it on East Coast liberals even though the vast majority of them protest just as much and as loudly about the same social ill. What makes you associate East Coast liberals with CEOs from multi-national corporations?

Theodore Seeber said...

I don't see East Coast Liberals willing to say, give up the stock market and end this farce of an economic system that relies on aborting the poor to stay in balance.

Theodore Seeber said...

"an economic system that relies on aborting the poor to stay in balance."

I don't know where you come up with these notions. They seem to be the product of an over active imagination and obsessive thinking. And what does the stock market have to do with it? You have a strange impression of East Coast liberals.

Theodore Seeber said...

The stock market is where it all starts. Putting profits above people. Remember the main reason I'm pro-life: because I reject the concept of euthanasia for diseases that will cause a person to spend more than he earns over his lifetime.

I realize that's a different form of pro-life than you are used to. Mainly because it protects human life from conception until natural death, not just before birth.

Republicans are liberals in that equation quite often- putting profit above people. And Democrats want to do it so much that they want to legalize forms of death.

I find American society on the other side of the Rockies to be quite foreign.

Theodore Seeber said...

More the other way around, I just realized. I don't associate East Coast Liberals with CEOs from multinational corporations. I associate CEOs from multinational corporations with East Coast Liberals.

The CEOs are the smaller set, the East Coast Liberals are the superset, but the culture is 100% the same: a hatred of poverty so strong that you're willing to harm others to protect your own property.

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