Thursday, July 4, 2013

I am not my own- a replacement myth for rape culture.

Sarah over the Moon is writing a very interesting series on rape myths in Evangelical Christianity from the point of view of a feminist that mirrors my own work slowly redefining rape in light of Theology of the Body and a radical theory of individual responsibility.

Thanks to Sarah's theories, I have better language for my redefinition- really a replacement Rape Myth.

So here goes. Under the idea that beneficial sexism can go both ways, rape is the use of another person for sexual lust divorced from procreation or commitment to the other individual.

In fact, merely feeling lust for another human being that you do not or cannot procreate with, is a sign that you might become a rapist if you are not careful.

In addition to this, procreation in this case means not just having the baby- but in fact staying together to raise that child to full adulthood.

This means that up to 35 years after the incident- a divorce (legal or common separation) can turn all the sex you've had with that person into rape.

It means contracepting couples are practicing a form of mutual rape.

It means that the victim can never be directly blamed for the rape- it is YOUR job to control YOUR lust.

And yes, it means I have no room in this for non-romantic, non-procreative sex.

And Sarah's response to this was to call me a troll- so therefore clearly she isn't as into diversity as she claims.


Edit: After many months of arguing this, I've had a satori on this subject:

Contraception indicates a lack of consent on the part of one or both partners, because it denies the procreative aspect of sex. Since denial of consent is implied in the use of birth control, that turns sex into rape.

This links it all back together, and closes the circular reasoning that is indicative of all moral reasoning.


Bill S said...

I decided not to try to reason with you anymore, but this one takes the cake. What you identify as rape is unique to your bizarre worldview. It is totally absurd. You should consider seeking help, probably from a secular professional or at least a mentally stable priest.

Theodore Seeber said...

Secular professionals are no more stable than I am- in fact, secular society is no more stable than I am.

See edit above for the final word on this subject.

Bill S said...

"Contraception indicates a lack of consent on the part of one or both partners, because it denies the procreative aspect of sex. Since denial of consent is implied in the use of birth control, that turns sex into rape."

Right. The Church doesn't teach that. It is just your twisted worldview. So sad. What a waste of your intelligence.

Theodore Seeber said...

Correct, the Church doesn't teach this- science and society do.

Science teaches us that the consequence of heterosexual sex is pregnancy. That means the normal purpose of sex is procreation.

Therefore consent to sex implies consent to pregnancy.

Contraception is using technology to defeat procreation.

Therefore, the use of that technology, is denial of consent to pregnancy, thus denial of consent to sex.

And when you have sexual activity without consent, you have rape.

The logical chain is sound. But since worship of the holy orgasm is denied by this chain of logic, I have no doubt but you will be forced to reject it due to some superficial and irrational statement.

Bill S said...

Why don't you just look up rape in the dictionary and go with that. You can't rely on your own ability to understand what life is all about.

Theodore Seeber said...

I am going with the definition of rape in the dictionary- a sexual act without consent. Since heterosexual acts imply procreation, and since contraception denies consent to procreation- that turns sex into rape.

What is so hard for YOU to understand about that?

Bill S said...

That's just foolishness. So, other than we had our children, my wife and I were committing rape every time we made love. Have you discussed this hangup of yours with a priest? You really should talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Theodore Seeber said...

Of course, Bill, anything that interferes with the religion of the Holy Orgasm is "foolishness". One would think you are orthodox or something.

Were you truly worshiping the Holy Orgasm, or were you "open to life"- that is, praying for another child? Which is of course what sex is for- the "magic spell" for making more children.

Bill S said...

That works. Make it look like I am the one who has a twisted attitude toward sex. I am just disputing your definition of rape. It is an insult to real victims.

Theodore Seeber said...

This entire culture is the victim of rape.

Bill S said...

You do realize that your obsession is extremely unhealthy, don't you? What you should try to do is direct your attention away from homosexuals and rape and try to take up less serious interests and pursuits. It does you no good to think about these things.

Theodore Seeber said...

I have never been, and never will be a shallow and frivolous thinker. Obsession is the way I think, deep, narrow, and serious, on everything.

Distracting from the topic is worthless. It is only by thinking deeply that advancements can be made.

And as it is, I've already made some change on this topic. I no longer separate contraception and consent, and consent now makes a LOT more sense to me.

Bill S said...

"Distracting from the topic is worthless."

Surely, you can't be so serious all the time. Don't you ever lighten up?

Theodore Seeber said...

Even when I lighten up, I'm pretty serious. This blog isn't for lightening up. This blog is for posting the crazy things I can't post anywhere else, and keeping track of the craziness.

Lightening up is only for the increasingly rare times when I can truly play. And even then, there's usually a good deal of anger to take out on tiny Zerg, Humans, and Protoss in Starcraft. Especially when I'm playing human and have nukes available.

Theodore Seeber said...

For something equally serious though that is about the fiscal libertarians rather than the sexual libertarians, see This post. Ok, maybe that is a little bit lighter, but not much....

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