Sunday, February 9, 2014

Atheism- a sign of demonic?

Could ordinary, everyday agnosticism be a sign of demonic posession? It would explain a lot to me. It would explain why people who plead for tolerance for their own sins, are so incredibly intolerant of the sins of others. It would explain the spread of divorce and abortion following the invention of easy contraception. It would explain why men concerned only with business abandon family and friendship in pursuit of profit. And it would explain, once and for all- why I can't understand.


Theodore Seeber said...

There are no gods, angels or demons. These things are folklore and nothing more. The human brain is very complex and is influenced by the imaginary as much as by the real. Religion specializes in convincing its followers that the imaginary is real.

If you read the Book of Job, which might be older than any other Bible story, you can clearly see that God and Satan are fictional characters in a fictional story that tries to rationalize why bad things happen to good people.

That is all that God and Satan are. Imaginary characters in a collection of fictional stories. That's all they were when the stories were written and that's all they are now.

Theodore Seeber said...

But what if your mind is infested by an intelligent mental illness that is blocking your ability to see the truth?

What if, instead of dismissing such evidence as imaginary stories, we look upon the past as people *actually* having encounters with the divine and demonic?

After all, it isn't like this isn't well documented:

In fact, it is better documented than your faith is.

Theodore Seeber said...

I'm pretty sure I don't have a mental illness that keeps me from knowing the truth. I'm ok just choosing not to believe everything. If I miss something, that's fine. There's no penalty for not believing something that turns out to be true.

Theodore Seeber said...

"I'm pretty sure I don't have a mental illness that keeps me from knowing the truth."

Said every insane person since Napoleon.

Theodore Seeber said...

I do not mean that there are no consequences for not believing a material truth. I am specifically referring to not believing a spiritual truth, if such a truth even exists.

Take this case in Gary, Indiana for example. I simply choose not to believe it. You can believe it if you want. All I can say is that, even if I can't come up with a natural explanation for it, that doesn't mean that there isn't one.

If by some unlikely event it turns out that there really is something supernatural behind it, my life will go on unaffected by it. There are no repercussions for not believing in the supernatural. Some might say that believing in the supernatural results in some sort of eternal reward and not believing results in the loss of that eternal reward. But that notion exists for the sole purpose of making people believe in something that does not exist.

Theodore Seeber said...

The case in Gary Indiana is a documented material truth that is the effect of a spiritual truth. One cannot separate the two so easily.

One big repercussion for you not believing in the supernatural is the harm you've done to your children and spouse. Your involvement in that early abortion set the stage for demonic forces to hide from your mind Spiritual Truth- and the result is your family falling away from the Church and falling away from Christ and into extremely dangerous behavior.

Theodore Seeber said...

So your whole argument falls apart if my wife and kids are doing well and if I haven't hurt them in any way whatsoever? Then of course you will conjure up your own ideas about how people that you don't even know are really doing. That's the fantasy world you live in. You hope that they are not doing well because otherwise your whole worldview is wrong.

Theodore Seeber said...

"So your whole argument falls apart if my wife and kids are doing well and if I haven't hurt them in any way whatsoever?"

Except they aren't. Your first child is dead from an abortion that you supported. One of your sons is gay, the other may never get married by your bad influence. You hurt your wife just last year with your threat of suicide.

Material wealth is not the only wealth- and sometimes the rich are the most impoverished of all.

Theodore Seeber said...

Sorry, Ted. Without sharing my personal life with you any more than I have already, I had no foreknowledge of the abortion, my wife and I are doing fine now. And my sons are doing very well, thank you. Maybe you should look at your own life and overall dour outlook on the world and this country and adjust your own worldview to at least be a little more positive.

Theodore Seeber said...

Foreknowledge doesn't matter when it comes to something like that. I pray for people like you who don't understand the damage done in your lives- who don't understand the mathematics of chaos theory.

Theodore Seeber said...

Nothing we are discussing has anything to do with the "mathematics of chaos theory". And lack of foreknowledge of a woman having an abortion most certainly matters. Where do you come up with these ideas?

Theodore Seeber said...

A butterfly in the Pacific creates a hurricane in the Atlantic.

Demonic ignorance again.

Lack of foreknowledge of an abortion of a contraception you were responsible for, created a form of liberalism in your life that has resulted in your atheism- which in turn is creating other effects in your life, some too small to see at the moment, but which ripple outward without your ability to stop them.

Demonstrable Demonic Ignorance- pun intended. Cause and effect linked together by a law so deep, that spiritual and material are tied together in ways you can't see right now- because seeing them would break you.

And the biggest lie the Devil ever told, was convincing the world that the spiritual side doesn't exist.

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