Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How does abortion help the exploitation of women?

I've said it before- pro-choice is pro-rape. Two articles this morning in Lifesite News, an admittedly pro-life news outlet, emphasize this point. Rape is minimized when men can avoid paying for the natural product of being sexually irresponsible. Is it any wonder that women are being forced into clinics like these two in Pennsylvania and New Mexico where not just abortion, but infanticide are common and saying "no" to an abortion after the initial papers are signed just gets it done quicker and more dangerously? Or this clinic in New York that has a history of sending post-abortive women to the hospital for their incompetence?

To be pro-choice today, is to be for feeding women into the immensely profitable abortion industry. And that industry becomes even more profitable with sexual trafficking and exploitation of women, which insures more pregnant women being forced into abortions and situations they don't want.

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