Sunday, December 11, 2011

The violence of the peacemakers

To be pro-choice- is to be pro-violence. Violence against the unborn, is obvious, but also violence against women. The natural order of women is the exalted vocation of motherhood- the greatest thing any human being can be is a mother. Pro-choice feminism attacks motherhood directly- calling the housewife unfulfilled, somehow subservient to the man who has to work 2000 hours a year outside the home to pay for food, clothing and shelter.

The philosophy of Margaret Sanger, more children for the fit, fewer children for the unfit, is the core of Eugenics- but is based on the false idea that mankind has any way to know who is fit and who is unfit. It is a peace based on the ultimate in violence- the violence against the weak, the violence of the bully.


Wendy said...

I'm going to respectfully disagree with you Ted. A major part of my pro-choice stance rides on the ability for a woman to choose not to get pregnant in the first place (or when to get pregnant if she so chooses) as well as the mans ability to be involved in choices of procreation as well as the choice for a couple to give their unplanned child to another family for whatever reason. I think China's served as a particularly sad example- first they banned abortion, and as a result comes the strict two child rule which has resulted in countless infant murders over decades. Pro-choice and pro-life are not mutually exclusive.

Ted Seeber said...

Wendy Writes: " A major part of my pro-choice stance rides on the ability for a woman to choose not to get pregnant in the first place"

I have three major issues with that. The first is that it is statistically impossible- just about every form of contraception other than surgical sterilization is a fraud, having less than a 100% success rate.

The second is demographic- due to the widespread popularity of the contraceptive movement, we're going to see 2/3rds of the world's population die off in the next 50 years- of old age, with many fewer young people to replace them.

The third part is spiritualism based on science- as the science of evolution and biology teaches us, the purpose of sex is procreation, the ONLY reason it's enjoyable for anybody at all is to make sure the species survives. If we cut out the procreative part of sex, and leave only the recreation, what else does that get us other than extinction?

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