Monday, February 9, 2009

A resolution for the Oregon State Council

It has been pointed out to me that this would be better as a recommendation to the State Council as a resolution

A Resolution for the Welfare of Our Members

Our nation of the United States of America faces a severe economic crisis. It is to our credit that our Insurance organization has not been affected by this crisis so far, but individual members are feeling the effects, primarily in the loss of breadwinner employment.

As health insurance in this country has become tied to employment, the families of members may well be affected by any change in employment. As many have become painfully aware, the extreme premiums required by COBRA continuation often meet or exceed whatever unemployment compensation is allowed by the states, thus families are often given the choice between continuing life-giving coverage and homelessness, upon loss of employment. And even with new employment, health insurance may not resume within the next quarter or at all, depending upon the classification of the worker.

We, in the spirit of Blessed Fr. McGivney, wish to resolve and send to the Supreme Council that the Knights Insurance Company partner with a national health insurance provider to provide coverage to members who find their families without coverage. We can make these insurance premiums affordable for our members by accepting the following points to reduce coverage:

- That our members are Practical Catholic Gentlemen, and thus our families do not need coverage for abortion or euthanasia.
- That we should accept the brave example of Pope John Paul II, and refuse heroic measures to sustain life beyond hope, or beyond the future welfare of our families.
- That each member has, in our Brotherhood, his local council behind him and thus can live with a large deductible, which in emergency can be raised by the local council.
- That the Insurance Company of the Knights of Columbus already offers long-term institutional care insurance, and thus the member can allow for a lower lifetime limit on payout per covered individual.

In conclusion, we ask in the memory of Blessed Father McGivney, who created our organization to protect the families of our membership in the case of illness and widowhood, for the Supreme Council and the Knights of Columbus Insurance Company provide this benefit for our members nationwide, during this time of economic crisis.

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