Saturday, August 12, 2017

Identity Politics and the Spread of Hate

A wonderful article on solidarity from a left-leaning academic is a wonderful historical look at how the left wing has lost its way, but it doesn't go far enough.  What he is missing is that due to 40+ years of marginalization, the same problem exists on the right side of the spectrum.  Between fiscal libertarians, social libertarians, and paleo conservatives like me, the right wing is ALSO playing identity politics.  And the unwanted are the ones paying the price- in lives- for a lack of principles in the right wing.

The United States of Multiculturalism is showing great fissures now between urban and rural people- and we're finding out that urban liberals are more illiberal than the worst KKK member.  But so are, on the other end of the spectrum, the kind of survivalist like that guy my brother purchased a VW bus from in Southern Oregon who collected paintings by Hitler.  Life has become so chaotic, that it is insane.

The answer is true solidarity, which requires a complete abandonment of identity politics.  You are NOT as fat as you paraphrase Mary Schmich in Advice, like youth, is only wasted on the young, you are NOT an autistic, a conservative, a liberal, a homosexual, a heterosexual, or any other sub group you pretend to identify with.  You ARE a child of God.  Your possibilities in life are endless.  Don't limit them by accepting an identity.

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