Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A year of Amoris Latitia leaves me in great doubt of Ignatian Spirituality

A recap of the first year of Amoris Laetitia, led me to create this post on how Pope Francis, regardless of his original intention, has spread a great amount of confusion, at least in the English speaking world (and German, and Argentinian, and Maltese).  This will be a collection of links on the subject for me to continue studying.

This article gives an overview of how Jesuit theology and spirituality diverges from Catholicism on one key point:  the discernment process in which morality does not bind those who choose not to believe in that morality. I call that moral relativism, and it is very much the error of the age.

We then come to an Open Letter to the Dubia Cardinals which claims there is no change in doctrine, and a response that shows the logical errors therein. 

Finally, we have the historical record of a Pope who excommunicates people from Heaven for being arrogant enough to claim that maybe moralism is not relative, but absolute.

The very sick who need rigidity the most as a medicine in the field hospital of the Church are told they they do not deserve mercy; that they are not Catholic and can never be Catholic, even if they are cradle Catholics.

Of what use is mercy in a world where moral relativism erases every sin?

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