Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Christian builds a village, not a wall.

Right now, along the border with Mexico, the United States has a row of gun shops.  Right now, along the border with the United States, Mexico has a row of drug smugglers.

Oh, there are gaps- that's where the "undocumented immigrants" come through, but for the most part, we export guns to Mexican drug cartels who in return export drugs to addicts in the United States.

This situation is not viable long term.  It is NOT how good Christian neighbors should act.

I suggest that instead of a wall, we need a village.  A two block wide, 2000 square mile village.  Jointly owned by the United States and Mexico.  With farms, and shops, and schools.  Built green (it's a wonderful place to put buildings with solar panels on the roof).  Mass transit- as long as we're doing solar, how about a maglev on both sides of the Rio Grande?  And Maglev tunnels *under* the river- with autocars so that you can load up your car on one side and take it to the other side.  A village that is purposefully a demilitarized zone, with bi-country law enforcement.

Schools could include civics, language, and economic lessons for adults intending to emigrate, as well as being a safe haven for the children of the refugees intending to cross the border.

Constructing this "Wall Village" will soak up a LOT of the excess labor in both the United States and Mexico, providing massive employment on both sides of the border.  Sorely needed employment- which will raise the price of food, but in the end result, cause the compensation for farm labor to go up, which means new consumers.

And it puts the gun smugglers, the people smugglers, and the drug smugglers out of business.  Hopefully permanently.

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