Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Truth Is Real, Not Rigid - The Catholic Thing

The Truth Is Real, Not Rigid - The Catholic Thing: "One man’s rigidity is another man’s solidity. "

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This is in short why I get so heated when Pope Francis talks about the "rigid".  To me, reality is extremely important- Truth in Jesus Christ is important.  To throw away Truth in return for mere pastoral concerns to me seems not very loving or pastoral; tolerance of a lie removes morality more surely than anything else.

Friday, May 12, 2017

A liberal AGW Catholic shows the problem with scientism

Is Science ‘True’? | Commonweal Magazine

Confirmation bias is a basic part of being human. You can't avoid it. You can minimize it, but only by eliminating all politics, money, and emotion from a system. And then, your conclusions can no longer be conclusions.

Once you have a conclusion, any conclusion- your mind is fixed to that conclusion, right or wrong, and confirmation bias from it will color anything more you do in that field.

Friday, May 5, 2017

On ursurping the power of God

David Carlin gives us a fine treatise in The Catholic Thing with the central philosophical error of the Enlightenment (and it isn't what I've heard before). He ends with this phrase (click on it to see the full article).

And if that’s the way we intend to tell right from wrong, then nobody can tell right from wrong.

That sums up quite nicely the entire reason for the Protestant Rebellion and the subsequent Dictatorship of Immoral Relativism. The whole intent was to confuse the conscience on right and wrong, and remove the definition of right and wrong from the power of God (Divine inspiration) and put it in the hands of individual men (conscience). It's the Garden of Eden all over again.

Patrick Madrid makes a similar point in a story about an elderly extraordinary minister of the eucharist.
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