Friday, January 20, 2017

I have my computer back, and a blog post you should not let children read

Yes, I have my own computer back.  But fair warning- if you don't like strong language, this blog post is not for you.

It's about a new religion that arrived in the 1940s, right after WWII.  And it's a fucking stupid religion.

It's been called the sexual revolution, but what it really is, is worshiping the act of fucking stupid.  No puns, no cussing here- I'm using the words very literally.  EVERYTHING- from birth control to abortion- from STDs to Obamacare to AIDS- is all in service of the Holy Orgasm.  And not just any Holy Orgasm- but the extramarital holy orgasm- fucking stupid.  Fucking under conditions that you have to have mental problems to do.

And now with same-sex marriage; we have the procreative aspect of fucking stupid.  As in fucking when there is zero possibility of procreation.  Stupidity in the extreme.

There was a reason morality evolved.  There is a reason why *every* religion over a thousand years old condemns fornication and homosexuality.

Because those acts are fucking stupid.
On the advice of a friend over the weekend, in all future posts, I will refer to this as the FSR:MTD - the Moral Therapeutic Denomination of the Fucking Stupid Religion.

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