Monday, May 2, 2016

The Distributist Disunited States of America

When I was in college, I was introduced to a park architecture technique used to create sidewalks. What you do is first you plant a lawn, then let people walk on the lawn. After six months, dirt paths will appear, and that's where you put the sidewalks.

I've been aware of these Maps Drawn from AT&T Cell Phones and Where's George Data for some time now, and have been pondering what they mean. Dirk Brockman, who created this map, has the full story of how he got into this research on his web page.

I am often asked, by people skeptical of distributism, how we might get from one large market dominated by New York City Banks and Stockbrokers, to several small markets. While this does not approach my personal ideal of no market greater than 100,000 human beings, it does show that for our nearly 400 million human beings in the United States, there are some natural limits to the free market. I would sure like to see an alternative community currency experiment in which 15 new currency issuing banks were set up, one for each of these regions. ----Edited because I can't count when I am tired.

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