Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A response to Restore-DC-Catholicism: Today's Political Developments Demand Rational Response, Not Knee-Jerk Rancor

This is an excellent argument for why good pro-life Catholics

in any contested state should fight their own conscience to vote for

Trump in November:

Restore-DC-Catholicism: Today's Political Developments Demand Rational Response, Not Knee-Jerk Rancor:

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Here is why I can't, and is my response to this argument:

In my case, quite literally, Cruz's exit from the race has stolen *all* meaning from my vote entirely, both now and in the general election.

The reason why has nothing to do with emotion and everything to do with the demographics of Oregon, where liberal Democrats in four cities (Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Bend) run this state. They have a majority, nobody else has a voice at all.

The ONE exception to that is our May 1-May 18 Republican Primary. Yes, we get three weeks to vote in Oregon. And what happens FOUR DAYS IN to those three weeks? The other two decide suddenly that Trump is unbeatable, and drop out.

Thanks loads Cruz and Kasich. I now have zero meaningful vote.

Also, due to the tone of politics from both sides, I consider the train wreck of the sexual and fiscal revolutions to be finished. Catholicism lost. It will be 200 years before we have any chance of restoring Catholicism as a meaningful voice in America. It will take a massive change in the urban/rural divide to do so

That is why I'll be voting Constitution party. Because I will not vote with the majoirty, and because the Republicans have abandoned this state- once again. Just like every time a Republican pro-lifer gets in office, suddenly tax cuts for the rich and cutting welfare for the poor is more important than the unborn.

And in races where the Constitution Party is not available, well, there is always:

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