Friday, April 8, 2016

Amoris Laetitia

My short review of Amoris Laetitia, which I have just now finished reading:
Paragraphs 1-7 are a necessary setup to pray over. Set asside at least 4-10 hours to read this document.
Paragraphs 8 to 290 are orthodox as all get out, Church doctrine surrounding the family at its best. Don't be tempted to skip this- everybody in Europe and North America needs to read this part, Catholic or not.
Paragraph 291 starts the troublesome part for those of us with a problem with the sin of scruplosity, or for those of use advanced enough to understand what paragraphs 160-190 were talking about. Paragraphs 291-306 seem, at first glance to contradict paragraphs 160-190.
But that seeming is false. If you find yourself having a problem with paragraphs 291-306, which I expect *every* serious Catholic to have a problem with, take a deep breath and skip ahead to 307-312. Then go back and re-read 291-306. Every time you get uptight about it, re-read paragraph 307-312, and remind yourself that the pastoral response in 291-306 is specifically to bring about a conversion of heart to paragraph 307-312.
The rest- paragraphs 313-324 is good advice for how to avoid ever getting yourself into the situations in 291-306. If you are out of time and have no time to read this document, read paragraphs 313-324 and pray the prayer in paragraph 325. If you live paragraphs 313-324, you will have a much better marriage- I guarantee it.

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