Saturday, December 5, 2015

What Does Mercy Mean? | Best Advent Ever

What Does Mercy Mean? | Best Advent Ever:

This series is helping me greatly with learning a much more Catholic definition of mercy.  Offering healing to a heart in misery.  What a powerful concept- and it shows that my primary problem with mercy stems from a very Americanist narrowing of the concept of mercy to just forgiveness.  How do we show mercy to the unrepentant?  By instructing the ignorant, counseling the doubtful, and by admonishing the sinner.  How do we show love to those we are being merciful to?  By bearing wrong patiently, forgiving offenses willingly, comforting the aflicted, and praying for the dead.

This is Catholicism at its finest- this is the Jubilee Year!

I eagerly await confession with one of Pope Francis's new missionaries of mercy. For all that remains, is reconciliation with Rome.

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