Friday, December 18, 2015

My version of the Benedict Option

It starts with a ghost town. Some of them go really cheap. Someplace in Oregon, there is a ghost town that would be useful for this purpose. It needs a creek or a river running near it. But that's about it; cache basins can supply the rest of the water if we can build them to keep it. It also needs a hill or a mountain. And on top of the mountain, a very special chapel will be built. The Venerable Fr. Michael J McGivney chapel. The basement will look something like this- 4 rooms, for 4 very special purposes, no windows.
The stairs in the basement leads up to the next level, by the wall- where an altar on rails covers the steps when in proper position for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, but is open for the Ordinary Form of the Mass. On this same level are 4 patios outside the walls of the Maltese Cross shaped church- two red and two white.
Finally- far above- is a very special sculpture- made of solar panels and steel- making up the roof:
Sitting nearby, is another cross shapped building with a circular dining hall, 12 rooms on two floors, and a central nurse's office. On its roof, is a painting of a globe and the white sculpture of a dove. It is the Patriot's Rest- an assisted living center and restaurant combined.
The Fraternal Retreat Center would be a log cabin lodge, for state conventions and rented out as a retreat center to Catholic groups the rest of the year.
The Unity RV Park is open to any Knight of Columbus that needs a place to stay. Full hookup parking lot, basically.
And finally, attached to the for profit supermarket, is the Charity Food Bank, subcontracted to the St. Vincent De Paul. Extra donations at the time yu are paying for your own food, stocks the food bank.

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