Monday, August 17, 2015

Another quickie

The Caliphate commits homicide because #ChaldeanLivesMatter

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A quickie

Abortion is a form of Homicide, because #BlackLivesMatter

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My personal issue with Pope Francis's Year of Mercy.

I am told that the new Jesuit teaching is a mercy of unilateral forgiveness.  Luke 17:1-10, of course, teaches Christians Forgiveness for the Repentant.   The next step up, is pardon for the unpardonable- with the understanding that the crime is, indeed, unpardonable.

But unilateral forgiveness of the unrepentant, is something I have a big problem with.  So did the great Catholic televangelist, Fulton Sheen, apparently.  In 1965, he showed where American Culture jumped off the rails:

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A plan to fix the American Family

A 5% surcharge in income taxes, with a break for anybody who gives away more than 20% of their income to charity. Use it to directly fund WIC, SNAP, and TANF. Take the money that would have gone to planned parenthood and also use that to fund WIC, SNAP, and TANF. Increase means testing to not just take into account income and ration of dependents to workers, but also fulfillment. Provide parental training in how to be a parent- and use that same training to screen and recruit some portion of the women to run in home daycare for those who want a second job (in effect, using the SNAP money twice, first to support the family needing daycare, second to supplement the income of those stay at home mothers who are willing to watch a couple of extra kids).  Use some of the money to make sure every father, identified by DNA to be linked to a child and with a valid heterosexual marriage certificate to be supporting the mother of the child, has a living wage job (even if it ends up a government job with subsidized housing, but let us prioritize private, local employment first).
Put it to the Republicans in the form of "We will trade all taxpayer support of contraception and abortion in return for this new welfare program to support mothers and children". Make it a trade of political capital, so that every Democrat and Republican Incumbent can spin it to support of the family when they are up for re-election.

It will never happen.  The poor are to Democrats what the unborn are to Republicans, mere campaign cannon fodder to trot out ever two years when the incumbents are up for re-election.
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