Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Eve Tushnet, celebrated "Gay Catholic" Side B New Homophile, accidentally lets slip heterosexual tendencies

respectfulconversation - HS-Conversation - Eve's Last Post: I Don't Think There Are Monks in This One: "Out of those three I feel the lack of sex most sharply. It's a way of making your body an icon of self-gift and union: not the only way, but one of the most powerful and urgently-felt. The longing for biological children is a similar kind of intense, gut-level longing which also has such deep symbolic resonance. It's important to name this pain. By exposing the painful yearning that we feel, we can build solidarity (with other gay people, or with straight people who have suffered from the same lacks for different reasons) and honor the sacrifices we make. God doesn't want us to pretend that our surrender is costless."
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I'm always amazed at how the disordered sexuality of Americans hides procreative heterosexuality below other identities.  This pain exists, even for gay people, because heterosexuality IS the default vocation for humanity, even when you are trying to deny it to yourself.

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