Thursday, June 4, 2015

Why I remain Catholic, but will I? #WhyIAmCatholic

This is my answer to The Anchoress's Challenge

I am Catholic because after several years of study, I have found it to be a complete and consistent worldview that has evolved to support sustainable life on this planet we call Earth.  I'm not a particularly good Catholic.  I don't pray as much as I should, and while being extremely generous with the three T's of Time, Talent, and Treasure, I often use my generosity in sinful ways, which has affected my family and my marriage.

I am currently going through the type of crisis of faith that sent many other souls running screaming from the Church.  I do not know if I will withstand what comes out of the upcoming synod, it feels very much like the way of Catholicism I have been practicing is under attack from within as well as without; the winds of change attack me at a level very deep down in my soul.

And yet, I guess partially because of my autism, I persevere- too stubborn to admit that it would be far easier to join in the material hedonism of the age, too stubborn to think that perhaps those who say we should have only five sacraments rather than seven have a point.

I may be martyred for this faith that even the Pope no longer seems to want.  If so, let me go to Purgatory safe in the knowledge that I am wrong- but so is everybody else. #WhyIAmCatholic

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