Thursday, June 4, 2015

Josh Duggar's victims were unaware of his crime

There has been much written about how the Duggars were wrong to let it go on so long- but the  initial victims were all asleep, the touching was not bare skin, it was over clothes.  There was a concern about harming the other children.  This interview is fascinating.

One big thing I noticed:  The Duggars practice Quiverful Christianity- but a very conservative version.  When in part III of the interview (at the link) discussed safeguards in the home, I see all of the "creepy" bits of their courtship rituals have been affected by this abuse.  And yet still, three of the most affected people, the perpetrator and two of his victims, have now started families of their own in apparently happy marriages.

That must really make those who have invested years into the sexual revolution and the dogma of consent-based sexuality very angry indeed.

Which might be while the police violated their public trust and turned the police records over to a tabloid.

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