Monday, April 20, 2015

Wow, the guy with the Bike became the guy with the Sailboat (revisions 1 & 2) and got old

Many years ago (I think 1988 or so), I saw this dude on Donnahue with the Winnebiko revision 2. I happened to mention him in a meeting today (we were talking about keyboards, and the Behemoth's brain interface came to mind for me- single eye monitor, built into a helmet with microphone and speakers before Bluetooth was even invented, combined with a ten key chorded keyboard in the handlebars- he typed in binary) and nobody knew what I was talking about.

Since giving up his bicycling days, he's built two sailing vessels, one of which is for sale as he prepares for old age and switching to a motor yacht. He's also got a pretty neat project in the last year he calls "Shacktopus"- after years of living on solar power and batteries he wanted to still do it on land, so he packaged a cut down version of the Nomadness's power systems onto a hand truck, with 100 watt solar panel and 79 amp hours of battery life (I note that wouldn't last me two days, since I'm CPAP dependent, but that's a neat idea).

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