Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How We Think Helps Explain the Culture Wars - Crisis Magazine

How We Think Helps Explain the Culture Wars - Crisis Magazine:

I'm using the above article as a jumping off point for a theory of my own my subconscious has been working on for the past couple of weeks.

That theory runs something like this.  Science is able to tell us how, Religion is able to tell us why.  When we remove the why- when we remove religion- we remove an essential bit of data necessary for long term planning.  Resource allocation alone is not enough.  If the cynic knows the cost of everything and the price of nothing, the modern technocrat knows the price of everything and the cost of nothing.

This affects both the liberal and the conservative sides of America.  Liberals are adopting unsustainable sexual morals; conservatives are adopting unsustainable industrial practices.

Without tradition, civilization can't continue.


Theodore Seeber said...

It is hard for a society, when they only educate people with the How formally, and then informally allow the Corporations to educate Why through the media for proffit. Then the Why becomes heavy with vices which money can buy, yet never satisfy, instead of the intangibles of Faith, which are free, and can fulfill. This way the corporate capitalism makes slaves. In every age, vice can be seen as slavery, and freedom an allowance to vice. This day, the slavery in vice can and frequently does cause economic slavery in a "free" society. Society isn't dead, we still have slavery alive and well as ever.

Theodore Seeber said...

Nicely Said!

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