Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My new term for anti-life activities: Dignicide

I somehow feel this new term is actually very fitting. There is no dignity in suicide, the doctor forced to prescribe euthanasia suffers a loss of dignity, same with abortion, there is no dignity in either procuring nor providing an abortion. Thus Dignicide fits quite well- the death of dignity.

It fits war quite well, there is very little dignity in war, and what dignity there is, gets stripped away rather quickly as property and lives are lost.

It also fits the death penalty- for killing the perpetrator, whose very crime robbed him of human dignity, will not undo the crime; and only serves to remove dignity from our legal system.

But even in non-lethal portions of the anti-life movement, the indignity of poverty, or the destruction of the family, or the indignity of reducing sex down to only recreative and never procreative (whether with heterosexual contraception or homosexuality)- these too are dignicide. I suggest that we in the pro-life movement should adopt this new term, and quite quickly.

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