Monday, December 1, 2014

The Leonine Contract

It's a pretty standard trope, but one that libertarians do not seem to believe can possibly exist. And it is a blind spot in economic justice in the United States of America.

The Lion and his Fellow Hunters, By Aesop
Once, a lion, a fox, a jackal, and a wolf went hunting. They caught a stag and killed it, and quartered the meat. "This quarter," said the lion, "is for me, as I am the King of Beasts. And this quarter is mine as the arbiter of the spoils. The third quarter is mine because of my part in chasing down the stag. And as for the fourth – well, I'd like to see any of you dare to put so much as a paw on it." The other three animals were bitterly disappointed, but they slunk away, unwilling or unable to fight for their share of the meat.
Just because you help a lion doesn't mean he'll share.

So remember boys and girls, just because you help a rich man to run his business, does not mean he'll share the profits with you. Which leads us right back to an entirely Different Leo and his successors.


Theodore Seeber said...

Theodore Seeber said...

What on earth is the Dallas protocol?

Theodore Seeber said...

It's a zero tolerance policy, created in 2002, to deal with the clergy abuse crisis. It's been implemented diocese by diocese, and sometimes adjusted by court order. In most diocese, it consists of three separate parts: A set of actions to take when a priest is accused of abuse, requirements to report to secular authorities, and rigorous training/background checks for anybody working with children or having contact with children.

In the Archdiocese of Portland, I had to take classes and a background check just to drop my child off at Sunday School.

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