Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Consent is a myth

No, this isn't about sex. It touches on sex and sexuality only because our insane culture thinks that consent is enough to prevent rape; but where the myth of consent really lies is in the world of finances.

We have human brains and imperfect knowledge about our world and our future. Due to this, there is no such thing as a coercion free contract. ALL contracts, supposedly signed in freedom, contain things people need to survive, otherwise there would be no basis for economics. ALL contracts, supposedly signed in freedom, have one party profiting more than the other party, this is why business is profitable.

And that is why consent is a myth- a leap of faith in unjustified trust at best. There is no reason behind it.


Theodore Seeber said...

This is very insightful. I'm not sure I agree that business is only profitable because one party profits more than another. (Both can benefit.) But apart from that nit, I agree completely. Mind if I riff on this in a post of my own?

Theodore Seeber said...

Go right ahead. But a BIG warning- don't try to explain this to progressives when it comes to sex instead of business. They really don't get how the myth of consent has perpetuated rape culture.

Theodore Seeber said...

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