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"So why don't you just make yourself legal?" How immigration process works (and doesn't) in the U.S.

"So why don't you just make yourself legal?" How immigration process works (and doesn't) in the U.S.: "Obtaining a green card means navigating one of the two principal ways of getting permanent legal status in the U.S.: family or specialized work. To apply for a green card on the basis of family, you need to be a spouse, parent, child or sibling of a citizen. (Green-card holders can petition only for their spouses or unmarried children.) Then it’s time to get in line. For green-card seekers, the U.S. has a quota of about 25,000 green cards per country each year. That means Moldova (population: 3.5 million) gets the same number of green cards as Mexico (population: 112 million). The wait time depends on demand. If you’re in Mexico, India, the Philippines or another nation with many applicants, expect a wait of years or even decades. (Right now, for example, the U.S. is considering Filipino siblings who applied in January 1989.)"

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Jose Vargas is a Filipino whose mother made what I would consider a major parental mistake- when he was 12, she gave up her parental rights, turned his welfare over to smugglers, and sent him to relatives who themselves were undocumented.  I don't understand why she thought newspapers would pay more in the United States or be around longer than in Manila; or why she was willing to turn the welfare of a child over to criminals.  But that's what she did.  And in response, I've learned something that I have been wondering for a long time- that our current green card system cares only about ethnic country of origin, not about individuals.

On this 4th of July of 2014, that is hopelessly outdated.

We have this new thing, Total Information Awareness.  It has been called spying, those who think we still have privacy don't like it, but it is basically anything you do, outside of your house, is recorded.  It's possible with computers today to record the entire economic history of every one of the 7 billion human beings on the planet, with plenty of processing time left over for another 80 billion.

With this, we have opportunities.  For one thing, we can make green card processing individual, not quota based.  We have the full public history of every human being on the planet, it's a basic database lookup for criminals and such, and we can give any individual an answer in 30 minutes or less.

But we can do a lot more if we invest in this technology.  We'll know the dietary habits of every human being on the planet, and can rearrange our supply chains to eliminate hunger and open new markets.

This is also the force multiplier we need if we're going to defeat theSola Jihadi of the Muwahiddun.  The key to solo jihad warfare is the individual; the individual needs tools to attack, and with watching every transaction on the planet, we'll be alerted to purchases of those tools- by anybody.

Privacy is used primarily to do evil things.  To harm our neighbor.  It's time to step up to a new morality- and stop harming our neighbor.

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