Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Affordable Care Act is neither Affordable Nor Care

At least my old insurance would pay for prescriptions. Both my wife and I are on medications, and we knew our medication cost was high, so when we chose a plan on Cover Oregon, one of our criteria was cheap copay on prescriptions. We were thrilled to find a Bronze plan that promised $0 copay on prescriptions, so we went with Lifewise. The cards came, and sure enough, they said Retail Rx Copay $0. Over the last several weeks, I've had the worst allergy season I've ever had- and it's given me severe asthma. My doctor is very worried, so he prescribed Predisone and Adivar. Adivar was utterly denied, so I ended up going with Q-Var, and then I got hit with this massive co-pay.

Thanks loads, Obamacare. You are WORTHLESS.


Theodore Seeber said...

Maybe you should sent this to Obama and see if he will pay for it as he was the one who what affordable health cover for everyone now

Theodore Seeber said...

Listen up, because I'm so done with this evil thing called Catholicism and the evil people who will protect it at any cost -- capitalism is not about being born in debt. Sorry YOU were, but I wasn't, nor were my chidlren, nor have I ever been in debt. Ever.

Also, the Church was responsible for the attitudes of Irish society during most of the 20th century. The Church let men get away scot-free, while they took advantage of women and used them for a profit.

If you're too stupid or too crazy or too hateful or too in thrall of the idol you worship to see that, that's not my problem. That's yours.

You're all disgusting, vile, evil people who sacrifice the humanity of others on the altar of the idol you worship.

You have some really sick notions of sexuality and marriage and parenthood, too.

You can stop responding to me over at that ridiculous cow, Kathy Schiffer's blog because she banned me, and she's banning anyone else who doesn't kiss her GIFREAKINGNORMOUS ass, proving she's a narrow, ignorant bigot who isn't even remotely familiar with Christ.

So y'all go on and worhsip your fake little god at your stupid fake Church of the Pharisees to your heart's content.

I will never, ever have anything but contempt for people who defend the indefensible all to protect some stupid collection of buildings and some prancing, poncing old poofters.

Theodore Seeber said...

What you didn't pick up on was I wasn't defending anything at all. I was trying to get you to place blame more correctly- See the above post. What does Obamacare have to do with you imagined capitalism without debt? Guess what, we were *ALL* born in debt, including you. *some* of us are just actually grateful for the debt paid by previous generations, other people blame the previous generations. That is your choice, but this post is off topic..

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