Thursday, May 1, 2014

Slavery would be more Just than the Death Penalty

There was poetic justice in the botched execution of Charles Lockett of a sort. He shot a teenaged girl twice, she didn't die, so he buried her alive. The delay at his execution by injecting the drugs into muscle rather than the bloodstream fit his murder, even if unintentionally.

But his execution did not include penance, did not include recompense to the family of his victim. And I've got to say, having a doctor step in to interfere with the execution was a mercy he didn't give to poor Stephanie.

For this reason, I would still prefer slavery over the death penalty- the inmate should be made to work, hard, and all profit of his work should belong to the family of his victim, until he can work no more and dies of exhaustion.

The interesting thing is that in certain industries, that sentence might actually be *quicker* than the death penalty as currently practiced in the United States.

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