Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Don't have undocumented sex

Liberals today have a strange clash between the sexual revolution and the feminist revolution. The one side hates rules about sex, the other side hates rape, which has one potential definition of "sex outside of the rules", three of those rules being force, fraud, and rational thought, the combination of those three items commonly being called consent.

The problem with consent is there is no way to know after the fact, even with a video recording, whether or not it has happened. Even Traditional Marriage isn't good enough for some feminists to prove that consent has happened, rape within marriage is possible.

In software, when we run into a problem like this, documentation is the key. VERY extensive documentation. Extremely extensive documentation. Legally it's the same, and it is called a contract.

So my advice to you kids, is don't have sex without a contract. Ever. Because People are Complicated.

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