Thursday, March 27, 2014

The homily I wanted to hear for the Feast of the Annunciation

I didn't hear the homily for the feast of the assumption. For one thing, the closest thing my parish had to a Mass for this holy day of obligation was our standard Tuesday Night Soup Supper & Communion Service. We didn't even have a priest, and the reflection concentrated on Mary's example of saying yes. Likely due to time limitations, as well as the charism of this inner city urban and liberal parish, it didn't touch on three other items that could have been said and talked about.

The Gospel for the Feast of the Annunciation is Luke Chapter 1- the angel coming to Mary to try to encourage her to keep the child that the Holy Spirit is planting in her womb. The interesting first thing I noticed was that even God recognizes the need for consent to parenthood- Mary is asked, she could have said no. But also, her consent, once given, is final- there's no going back on this choice. God isn't a rapist- but contraception and abortion are a form of reverse-rape, for they frustrate the procreative intention of the act. Mary's yes should be a sign to all women- that motherhood brings grace far beyond what you think you are capable of, and that strange greeting, Hail Mary, full of Grace, is talking about the Word become Flesh in her womb- the conception of the Lord Jesus Christ. In this gospel reading is wrapped up ALL the church teaching on procreation- for in each unborn child, says Pope Francis, we are to see the face of Christ himself. And on this day, we begin the 9 month journey to Christmas.

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