Friday, January 17, 2014

The deep disconnect between conservative and liberal

There is a deep disconnect between how conservatives and liberals talk about exactly the same concerns, and that leads to vastly different conclusions.

I'm going to start taking this into account with both. On the marriage issue, I'm going to delve even deeper into procreation, and stop talking about homosexuality altogether. If we had functioning heterosexual marriages, homosexual marriage and DINKs would just be welfare edge cases deserving of support for merely being human. On economic issues, I'm going to start emphasizing that charity begins at home- and that the first person a woman needs to rely on in a crisis pregnancy should be the father of the child, who needs to step up regardless of maturity. If a woman is a mother at conception- then a man is a father at conception.

Perhaps, then, we'll actually have diversity, instead of the dictatorship of secularism.

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