Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Now is the Winter of Our Discontent

Exhibited by European and Japanese cities that have no children at all, even in Catholic Italy, and the fact that the future belongs to Islam not due to Jihad, but due to a simple willingness to breed.


Theodore Seeber said...

I don't give any creedence to arguments about a slippery slope leading to all other kinds of unconventional marriages that undermine gay marriage. Do they have a right to happiness? You bet your ass they do.

Theodore Seeber said...

It is not so much about the slippery slope, as pointing out that you are just as bigoted against other kinds of unconventional marriages as gay marriage.

And NOBODY has a right to happiness. Such a right cannot exist in this world. Marriage does not make people happy.

Theodore Seeber said...


Whatever society accepts for marriage is just fine with me. It's of no consequence to my life or my family.

I think it is sad that you can't just accept gays' rights to pursue happiness through same sex marriage. To say that marriage doesn't bring happiness is to have a pessimistic view of life.

Theodore Seeber said...

"I suggest that those acting against the laws of the Church concerning Matrimony, whether gay or straight, is not seeking the Lord in good faith."

Maybe the first thing one should do in seeking the "Lord" is to seek the truth. Then, if there is a Lord, it will be revealed in having learned the truth.

Maybe in seeking the truth, one could start by looking at what is presented as the "Truth" by the "one true Church" and realize that it is anything but the truth. Since it bases its entire credibility on the belief that a man was a god who died to pay for the sins of the human race caused by the first humans eating from the tree of knowledge and who rose and ascended into a heaven above, this would probably be the first possible path to the real truth to eliminate.

Then the seven precepts become an exercise in futility in terms of seeking The Lord.

Theodore Seeber said...

That is the exact process I used- and is why I am so convinced that the dictatorship of moral relativism is wrong. The fruit of the tree of knowledge, metaphorical as it is, is quite obvious every time an atheist gets divorced.

Theodore Seeber said...

First of all, moral relativism is not a dictatorship as Benedict called it. It liberates. It doesn't enslave, which is what Catholicism does.

And, are you implying that this eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil has anything to do with atheist divorce? Catholics divorce at pretty much the same rate as everyone else.

Theodore Seeber said...

It has enslaved you. It most certainly hasn't liberated you to do good, it has instead enslaved you to evil and the support of evil.

I'm saying that the knowledge of good and evil is lost in atheism and moral relativism- which instead of liberation, brings slavery.

Theodore Seeber said...

By your definition of evil. Not mine.

Look. You think gay marriage is evil. What more needs to be said?

Theodore Seeber said...

Evil happens when you begin to treat people as things. I can't think of any way to more treat a person like a thing, than to marry them for the tax break.

More correct would be to say, the gay marriage debate has been very good for me- because it has shown to me the sheer folly of the government interfering in religion *at all*. Religion interfering in the government, is another matter, but the government interfering in marriage and religion, is an experiment that is not compatible with the First Amendment.

Theodore Seeber said...

"I can't think of any way to more treat a person like a thing, than to marry them for the tax break."

Agreed. So is that what same sex couples do? Really? All of them?

Your lack of understanding same sex relationships is unbelievable. It's got to be your religiosity.

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