Thursday, January 30, 2014

Je Suis Marxiste, Tendance Reinhard

If anybody can rescue the good name of Marx, it's Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich. His recent Op-ed in L'Osservatore Romano is spot on for striking the proper balance between private property and the common good.

The problem with studies done by politicians

Simon Robert Crouch is not a scientist. He's a gay "parent" (as if locking your children's mother out of their life is good parenting) and a country physician in the Australian Outback.

Yet the New York Times Politburo has declared his preliminary finding that "gay parents are better than straight parents" to be the flavor of the month. And his reasoning? Because gays don't have children by accident. In other words, this is really a screed for eugenics and bigotry.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The New Homophiles and the Three Sigma Rule

Liberals are mathematically challenged. They don't understand the limits of Normal Distribution Tolerance. The reason homosexuality, or for that matter any minority, isn't tolerated has to do more with the mathematical statistics surrounding the ability of the human brain to tolerate and the definition of mathematically normal.

At somewhere close to one half of one percent, my own Asperger's will NEVER be tolerated. And that is precisely how it should be.

The demand of homosexuals - even the "New Homophiles", those chaste Catholics who promote homosexual thinking, but not behavior- that homosexuality be normal, would require massive recruitment and brainwashing. Which is exactly why opinions like mine on the subject cannot be tolerated- because it goes against that brainwashing.

One Third of all Deaths in the United States are preventable

Because they are chosen, they are preventable:

Monday, January 27, 2014

The problem isn't instinct. The problem is destroying the definition of Love

Sometimes I think that God is keeping John on this earth to teach us all that love isn't sex. You see, John is a discalced Carmelite, but he's also suffering from Marfan Syndrome, which means against all odds he is not only a strong pro-life father, but has also lived about 30 years past his predicted lifespan to raise those children. Marfan Syndrome, being genetic, means that he's also raising a child with Marfan Syndrome.

I can think of no better person to teach us what is wrong with the argument that marriage is only about love.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

So if you know a guy who knows a guy who is a terrorist, the NSA will still be listening

Or, to put it another way, if a terrorist orders pizza from your local Domino's, and you order pizza from your local Domino's, you may be a terrorist:

Monday, January 20, 2014

An argument for the authenticity of the Bible

Fiction is always consistent in and of itself. The real world, by comparison, is a very chaotic place. This means that eyewitnesses from different perspectives, will see different things, will even see the same event differently.

Consistent evidence, in comparison, is a sign of fiction- if there is no data that does not fit the theory, chances are very good that the data was very carefully chosen to support the theory.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The deep disconnect between conservative and liberal

There is a deep disconnect between how conservatives and liberals talk about exactly the same concerns, and that leads to vastly different conclusions.

I'm going to start taking this into account with both. On the marriage issue, I'm going to delve even deeper into procreation, and stop talking about homosexuality altogether. If we had functioning heterosexual marriages, homosexual marriage and DINKs would just be welfare edge cases deserving of support for merely being human. On economic issues, I'm going to start emphasizing that charity begins at home- and that the first person a woman needs to rely on in a crisis pregnancy should be the father of the child, who needs to step up regardless of maturity. If a woman is a mother at conception- then a man is a father at conception.

Perhaps, then, we'll actually have diversity, instead of the dictatorship of secularism.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My guess on the new Kevin O'Brian short Sherlock mystery

I call the Baker, in the kitchen, leaving the gas on, to spark when lightning struck.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I think I just realized a huge problem with liberals in this country

They think that sick people need to be abandoned rather than loved. I find no other reason to object to homosexuality being a disorder, no other reason to abort downs syndrome children, no other reason for the dire straits mental health care is in that causes homelessness nationwide. Oh, and before you think I'm being partisan- economically, the Republicans are dirty liberals and causing at least half the problem, by abandoning and excluding the ill, rather than taking up the challenge of loving them.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The biggest problem with socialism

Is that nobody is free to leave. I have to wonder if capitalism is starting to have the same problem.

Peer Pressure

If you're not stupid enough to box them in your gay teen may be straight. Though I think the real conclusion for this study should be something that researchers should already know: teens lie. Especially when in groups, and especially to impress peers.

Father Gerald Fitzgerald, Priest and Prophet

I would like to introduce you to an unsung hero of the Catholic hierarchy from the 1960s, Fr Gerald Fitzgerald. In 1947, acting on a vision prompted by an encounter with a homeless transient ex-priest, he formed the Servants of the Paraclete in Jemez Springs New Mexico, with the sponsorship of Archbishop Edwin Byrne. The mission would be to serve the needs of priests and members of other religious orders who were struggling with issues such as celibacy, alcohol and substance abuse problems.

By 1948, his community was at the leading edge of what we would know 50 years later as the clergy sex abuse scandal. He actually begged bishops NOT to send him such men- in 1952 he wrote to Bishop Robert Dwyer of Reno, arguing for mandatory laicization upon conviction of such men. He often argued against reassignment for such priests- considering them to be untreatable a good 40 years before the rest of the world came to the same conclusion. In 1957, he came up with the idea of a second house of the Servants of Paraclete on a remote island for the permanent retreat of such men away from the world.

He even put down a $5,000 deposit on an island in Barbados, near Carriacou, in the Caribbean that had a total purchase price of $50,000. But sadly, his sponsor, Archbishop Byrne had died in 1963, and the new Archbishop Davis did not support the plan by the time in 1965 that the down payment was raised, so the house never opened. Fr. Fitzgerald was forced to sell the island, and died soon after.

Warning: New e-mail scam

Heard this on the radio this morning, Double checked on PPL, PGE, and PG&E customers beware, there is a scammer spreading bad malware by sending you "Billing notices" in spam e-mails. If you click on any of the hyperlinks, your computer could be infected with malware to steal your identity. Do not fall for this one.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Affordable Coffee Act

What if the government took over Starbucks like they just took over health care?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The good side of paganism and atheism

Is that sometimes, real wisdom comes from it. Terry Prachet has got to be the funniest fiction writer on the planet right now. In his Discworld novels, witches, doing magic, are the closest thing to secular humanists. But one character, "Hag o' the hags", Granny Weatherwax, summed up a definition of sin that is the best I've ever seen. Evil begins, when you start treating people like things.

THAT is my real problem with abortion, with euthanasia, with immoral sexuality (be it hetro or homo) Evil begins when you treat human beings as things. The 24 year old virgin in that link knows this, why don't we?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Now is the Winter of Our Discontent

Exhibited by European and Japanese cities that have no children at all, even in Catholic Italy, and the fact that the future belongs to Islam not due to Jihad, but due to a simple willingness to breed.

Atheists are more welcome as Catholics than adulterers?

Strange but true: The definition of a Practical Catholic, is a man who holds to the Seven Precepts of the Church, which are:
I. To attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, and resting from servile works.
II. To observe the days of abstinence and fasting.
III. To confess our sins to a priest, at least once a year.
IV. To receive Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist at least once a year during Easter Season.
V. To contribute to the support of the Church.
VI. To obey the laws of the Church concerning Matrimony.
VII. To participate in the Church's mission of Evangelization of Souls.(Missionary Spirit of the Church)
VI is incompatible with gay marriage. I've seen some say elsewhere that Pope Francis is more welcoming to gays, due to his statement about a priest who is actively trying to be celibate and who Pope Francis entrusted with high office: ""Who am I to judge them if they're seeking the Lord in good faith?". I suggest that those acting against the laws of the Church concerning Matrimony, whether gay or straight, is not seeking the Lord in good faith.

But notice what is missing. Belief in God is not required to be Catholic. Though I have NO idea why an atheist would do these seven items without belief in God- any of them.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The History of Evangelii Gaudium

I covered this before when Caritas In Veritate came out, I thought maybe I should do so again. Popes speaking on economic issues have been vexing economists since 1891. Paragraphs 50-64 of Evangelii Gaudium is nothing new.

And now, the eight Papal documents, so far, on economics, so that you can get a feeling of the history of the Doctrine of Distributism:
Rerum Novarum from Pope Leo XIII

Quadragesimo Anno from Pope Pius XI

Mater et Magistra from Pope John XXIII

Populum Progresso from Pope Paul VI

Laborem Exercens from Pope John Paul II

Centesimus Annus from Pope John Paul II

Sollicitudo Rei Socialis from Pope John Paul II

Caritas In Veritate by Pope Benedict XVI

Evangelii Gaudium by Pope Francis

People think that Catholic doctrine never changes- but it's dogma that doesn't change, doctrine changes ever so slowly because of the concern for human error. The Doctrine of Distributism is as solid as any other form of economics I can think of, but unlike communism, which requires total subservience to the state, and capitalism, which requires total subservience to self, distributism is duty to protect other people's rights and justice to fulfill other people's needs. And in return- other people have a duty to protect YOUR rights and fulfill YOUR needs. Interdependence, rather than independence.

And that ethic I think is really worth thinking about.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nabi XD review

Apparently, without telling the marketing department, some programmer at NABI decided that the new XD devices are for older kids (which they certainly are) and therefore don't need parental controls (if anything, a tween needs parental controls MORE than a younger child who can't spell does- for one thing, they're much more rebellious). The only solution offered from the help desk people? Install the parental controls for the Kindle Fire. If I had wanted a Kindle Fire for Christopher, I would have bought one!
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