Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why Cover Oregon is a failure

And no, it isn't just the latest state scapegoat, Oracle.I don't know about Obamacare in the rest of the nation, but the poor here in Oregon work 50-80 hour workweeks just to keep fed, sheltered, and clothed. They don't have hours and hours to waste online with a half-assed website that in the end, lets you download a 19 page PDF to print out, fill out, send in, get the wrong one back, get their identity stolen by the prison inmate doing data entry, get the right one back, pick a plan, get told it's the wrong plan, get a guess on what my subsidy will be, pay the wrong amount, have to write 6 checks to pay the right amount, only to get fined in the end because they lost the paperwork.

Hint to socialists out there- the way to bring the communist revolution to America is make it convenient. Otherwise, nobody's going to have the time to bother.

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