Friday, November 8, 2013

People are more important than money

Human progress is people. Everything that makes life better, from democracy to the economy to the internet to penicillin was either discovered and built by people. More people means more progress. The inventor of the cure for cancer might be someone's fourth child that they decided not to have.

That is the truth being denied by the so-called "progressive left" in this country. But also by the generic Christian Libertarian Right who puts debt reduction ahead of the right to life. Both are making the primary error in making money and short term pleasure (homosexuals and contracepting heterosexuals, that's aimed at you) ahead of people. And the result is a President who ends up having to apologize for putting a scheme to force new customers to crony capitalists into place that actually forced people to sign up with his crony capitalists.

It is all connected- the culture of waste.

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