Monday, September 2, 2013

It came to me in a dream

A way back to where I was 10 years ago.

The problem with gay marriage is not the gay, it is the marriage.

Marriage, as concieved by every civilization so far, is inherrantly discriminatory.  Even in the most simple, polyamourous form, it says "I will restrict my sexuality to this one group of people and no other".  Human beings seem to need this level of security.

But it is awfully bigotted of government to enforce that discrimination.

Therefore civil marriage is incompatible with the Constitution, at least as currently envisioned.  CIVIL MARRIAGE DISCRIMINATES.  There is no way to write a marriage law that does not discriminate, because the whole intent of marriage is to discriminate.

Just think of the money we could save on divorce courts, if there was no government recognized marriage!


Theodore Seeber said...

Gay marriage has got its opponents going through all kinds of gyrations and machinations. They somehow think that eliminating civil marriage all together is better than allowing civil marriages for gays. They would rather dismantle marriage than allow gays to be part of it.

Theodore Seeber said...

The homosexuals have told the truth in one way- civil marriage is discriminatory and needs to be eliminated. To maintain that farce at this point is just putting money in divorce lawyer's pockets.

Theodore Seeber said...

Well, yes and no.

Marriage, historically speaking, is there to provide a stable structure, and safe environment for children to grow up in. Typically speaking, this is done through a mutual agreement between the two people whose kids are involved, namely, mother and father. Between this and the fact that historically men would have to protect their families, it made most sense for a man to only wed one wife, and to prevent issues with heirs and such, on both sides, for a woman to wed only one man, hence the current modern practice of monogamy.

That being said, marriage discriminates in that it is for people to mothers and fathers, and meant to provide a stable environment for a child to grow up in. So, it naturally is meant to discriminate against anything, or anyone, that could potentially mess that up. Namely, anyone who is not part of the family.

That being said, marriage doesn't always work. A spouse can be abusive, just up and leave, be unable to support their family, etc. That's where government steps in, because when a parent/spouse fails to do their duty by their children and spouse, then all people must be able to have a compromise available, such as adoption and divorce.

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