Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Imagine a world- without John Lennon

He's a secular saint, that other people claim to want to emulate. But in reality, he was a deeply disturbed individual whose drug-induced psychodelic haze destroyed the morality of an entire generation in an attempt to cover up his own failings.


Theodore Seeber said...

To some extent. The government's job is to punish people for doing evil, and to protect the rights of the citizens in their domain.

All actions are technically allowable, insomuch as we can't stop people from doing them unless we have prior knowledge of their plans, without violating their rights. However, such actions can be punished, and should be, so that others choose not to do them, recognizing that while they're free to do what they want, they must also face the consequences of their actions. The question is not whether or not people should be punished for doing evil, it's what the punishments should be. Violating the dignity of the person who has committed a wrong-doing is never an option, so such things as forced sterilization, the death penalty, and things that will cause bodily harm (such as whipping, stoning, etc.), are wrong in and of themselves.

People have the liberty to do what they want, but not if it infringes upon the rights or dignities of another person, which is why abortion, theft, murder, rape, etc., are all considered wrong. The case of homosexual relationships also falls under this, although it's an issue that's relatively complicated, so most people don't realize exactly how, and tend towards misinterpreting why the Church, among other groups, is so strongly against it.

Also, as a technicality, neopaganism, actually, isn't anarchy, just heretical in nature. There are heretical religions that wouldn't cause anarchy. Now, classical paganism, yeah, no, that's going to cause issues. However, neopaganism, which is what most pagans are today, is strongly influenced by Christianity, and so they tend towards agreeing with the Church on such things as abortion, murder, etc. Not so, for some, on gay marriage, but it's not caused by neopaganism views anyhow, it's decidedly more the cause of atheistic and laxer religious views in general.

Also, as far as "rain is wet" goes, technically, that's an observed opinion, and varies based on viewpoint, so the relative wetness of rain is based on your point of view. If you aren't already covered in a liquid, then yes, rain seems wet. If you are already covered in a liquid, rain may or may not seem wet, depending on the type of liquid you're covered in. Just like hot and cold are relative terms, so too is wet.

Rain is a liquid though, so generally speaking it's viewed as being wet to someone who is relatively dry.

Theodore Seeber said...

"Do as I say, not as I do" can still impart wisdom. Priests do it all the time. To "Imagine" things being different is not to say that they really can be that way. It's not "Let's make the world be like this". It's more like "Imagine what it would be like if the world were like this". Plus, he was an entertainer, not a guru to the world. I was entertained by him. That's all you can ask of an entertainer.

Theodore Seeber said...

It appears to me that people who abandon heaven hell and religion, beat their wives.

I see no value left in listening.

Theodore Seeber said...

So your whole worldview involves judging other people. The world is filled with immoral people.

Theodore Seeber said...

No, it isn't necessarily my worldview. It is evidence the world has forced upon me, especially in examination of my own life, for I am an immoral person.

I have yet to meet a Moral Person. I have met many who struggle courageously to fight their own inner demons and do moral things, and still more who surrender to their own inner demons and try to claim that the demons don't exist- but I don't know anybody, save maybe Jesus Christ himself, who wasn't tempted to immorality to the point of falling from time to time.

That the world is filled with immoral people is a given, with more evidence for than against. The question is what to do about it- see next post.

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