Thursday, August 15, 2013

Suicide’s Tormented Souls | Crisis Magazine

Suicide’s Tormented Souls | Crisis Magazine:

In Belgium, euthanasia is voluntary and can be practiced even on the non-terminally ill. It begs the question- when is temporary unhappiness worth a final solution?


Theodore Seeber said...

"The “you” you make yourself into here and now is preserved and glorified in eternity—if there is any “you” left after the chipping away and diminishment that you cause by your sins."

Not everyone shares that view. I am surprised that the twins believed in "the other side". Didn't they know that what they were choosing to do was to cease to exist? It doesn't matter now.

Theodore Seeber said...

The problem with modern atheism and moral relativism, is that Europe and the Americas have been unabashedly Christian for 500 years. We have no experience to draw ethics and beliefs upon from anything OTHER than Christianity, so when people cobble together their own religion, it's going to be flavored with Christianity one way or another.

A series in the Catholic section of Patheos on Tarot Cards really brought that home to me recently. Tarot was a part of my "wandering away from the Church", and I came to the same conclusion only without the historical research- the only thing Tarot cards are really good for is making card games more complicated.

I remember, though, using the Waite deck, a famous occult deck, beautiful artwork- and being startled to see St. Peter as the Hanged Man- complete with cross.

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