Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I need a reset button after sex

Heard at work today: horniness is so overpowering for normal people that they need a reset button after sex, and birth control/plan B provides that reset button.

I had never thought of it in those terms before, but that's likely because even when I was a good deal less moral about my sexuality, I was trying to trap women into a relationship by having a child with them. Not the best behavior, but behavior none the less. Once I discovered the Church was more right than wrong about this, I went about it the old fashioned way and got married first and then seriously went to work on having children. Failed at it, but I've always been serious about it.

In other words, horniness for me, has always been about procreation, even as a teenager.

I think it would be much better to teach pre-teens that these feelings are *specifically* about wanting not just another person that you are attracted to, but a child. There'd be a lot fewer mistakes if that was common knowledge instead of hidden away behind some secret religious tome someplace.


Theodore Seeber said...

" I was trying to trap women into a relationship by having a child with them."

I think women do that to men, more so than the other way around. Someone tried to do that to me and my sister-in-law did it to my brother. Its a sick thing to do.

Theodore Seeber said...

It is, but in the post sexual revolution era, it can be the only way for some people to procreate.

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