Monday, August 12, 2013

Homosexuality is neither innate nor inborn

No genetic origin for homosexuality, and no stability either. Gay is not a death sentence.


Theodore Seeber said...

Whatever the reason for people being gay, they should be accepted as they are and no one should try to change them.

Theodore Seeber said...

Because obviously living in fantasy is better than living in reality, no matter how much trouble that causes for the individual and what risk that exposes them to, right?

Theodore Seeber said...

Religion is the real fantasy. Not homosexuality.

Theodore Seeber said...

That has yet to be proven, however.

There was the idea it was inborn. Twin studies disproved that homosexuality was inborn. There was the theory that the brain was different. FMRI disproved that. Modern "Free Won't" theories of brain development claim that *any* temptation can be conquered by will. You just want religion to be a fantasy because it contradicts you on your denial of the logical problems with homosexuality.

Theodore Seeber said...

The word "temptation" usually applies to something that is desirable but forbidden. Homosexuality is only forbidden by the Catholic Church and other religious authorities and institutions. If you are not religious, it is just a preference, not a temptation.

Theodore Seeber said...

Not at all. Temptation can be for things that are not desirable and still forbidden. Temptation can also be for things that are desirable and not forbidden.

In "Free won't" terms, temptation is just thoughts from the subconscious, and you can use will to defeat them, you have between 3 and 5 seconds to prevent them from turning into behavior.

Homosexuality, especially MSM, is considered an extremely high risk behavior by the CDC and the AMA- as you well know, so why are you keeping up the lie that ONLY the Catholic Church is against homosexuality? Or do you think the Center for Disease Control is a "religious institution"?

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