Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The deadly illness of homophobia

I've poked fun at the concept of homophobia before. I'm pretty sure it is a made up illness for the most part.

Except for one extremely deadly variety: Homophobic Panic. That's when due to obsessing over homosexuals, a young man, already full of testosterone and as another blogger recently put it, that devil on the shoulder whispering that violence is the solution to what to have for lunch, gets paranoid about somebody who isn't even likely gay, being a gay rapist.

This of course leads to a gay bashing incident- and if the "gay" being bashed is armed like George Zimmerman was, it can be a deadly, deadly error.


Theodore Seeber said...

You have pointed out a very plausible reason for the physical confrontation. Even if he was not guilty of a crime, Zimmerman is still an idiot for his role in this tragedy.

Theodore Seeber said...

No question about it. This is the reason for Martin attacking Zimmerman. Zimmerman had equally bad, but completely plausible, reasons for his actions as well- paranoid and stupid, the both of them.

What kind of gated community has a higher rate of crime than the surrounding community anyway?!?!? What's the use of living in a gated community if you feel you have to carry a GUN as part of the neighborhood watch?

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