Friday, July 19, 2013

Something I need to learn

Jesus said "I am the Truth.", and it is your duty and mine to speak the truth. Then it is up to the person who hears it whether to accept it or reject it.--Mother Theresa of Calcutta

Many people didn't accept her truth- that helping somebody die well doesn't mean euthanasia and it doesn't mean big expensive heroic measures keeping the body alive like a robot either.

This atheist gives us a hint of how horrific dying in the hospital has really become, and this article shows us how doctors die. And it isn't by highly expensive drugs, and it is rarely by suicide. It is with the help of massive doses of morphine, however.

The one good thing about the Euthanasia law in Oregon is that the Catholics, Lutherans, and Seventh Day Adventists have stepped up with excellent levels of hospice care. I once read an article on nutrition for geriatric patients- there comes a time in life where all of our common wisdom about nutrition is entirely reversed- where "what is nutritious and low calorie for volume" is replaced with "what tastes good and is high calorie for volume". Sometimes, comfort is more important than health.

But that isn't what this article was supposed to be about. What this article was really supposed to be about was that I need to learn to let go of other people- it is NOT my fault if they reject the truth.

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