Friday, July 12, 2013

Rape victim claims she wants to bring child to term

Amnesty International vs 11 year old Rape Victim-  AI wants Chile to overturn their very restrictive no-abortion-in-any-circumstances law.   But the victim herself doesn't want an abortion!  So much for pro-choice.

BBC News - Amnesty urges Chile rape victim abortion rethink:


Bill S said...

Regardless of what this girl does, she definitely should have had the option to terminate the pregnancy. I can't believe that Chile and other predominantly Catholic countries in South America and elsewhere have such backwards laws banning abortion. It just shows what a sick world we would live in if it were ruled by the Catholic Church as some countries apparently still are in some aspects.

Theodore Seeber said...

It must drive you liberals crazy that she doesn't WANT the option to terminate the pregnancy- at all.

Bill S said...

Yes, it does. But it doesn't make Chile's archaic laws right.

Theodore Seeber said...

It makes them more correct than your instincts.

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