Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just Discrimination vs Unjust Discrimination

The older I get, the more I realize how even when I was a college kid, adults were trying to hide Church Teaching from me. I was very young when Humanae Vitae came out and was practically censored by the Baby Boomers, but I was 22 my chapter of the Newman Center was downright pushing homosexuality- we were participating in vigils for _The Body of Christ has AIDS_ and we were inviting prominent gays to talk, even as a strong group of fundamentalists was taking control of the city government and doing such odious things as banning public school teachers from talking about homosexuality at all, encouraging the DA not to prosecute assault and battery cases related to homosexuality, and of course busing all the homeless people to Medford before winter set in and we had to witness people camping in the snow (Winter in Klamath Falls lasts pretty much from November to June, there ain't no such thing as spring there).

What a blessing this letter would have been back then, and how much happier I would have been in 2004 knowing that my Church predicted, quite accurately, that the homosexuals would turn our charity into homophobia.

Heck, if I had read this document, it might have kept me Catholic at a time in my life I was struggling. But I didn't, because of course, the worship of the Holy Orgasm meant that according to those who had lived through the sexual revolution, the Church was always wrong on sex.


Theodore Seeber said...

"Such things as the adoption of children, the employment of teachers, the housing needs of genuine families, landlords' legitimate concerns in screening potential tenants, for example, are often implicated."

All good examples of areas where the Church considers discrimination against gays to be justified. Well, it isn't.

Theodore Seeber said...

Why? Don't just say that it isn't, PROVE that it isn't.

You can start by proving that a sperm and a sperm can generate a child.

Theodore Seeber said...

"You can start by proving that a sperm and a sperm can generate a child."

There is no law stating that marriages must produce children. That is a Catholic fetish.

There is no law stating that a same sex couple cannot adopt and raise children. That is a Catholic taboo.

There is no law prohibiting gays from teaching in public schools. That is a Catholic school issue.

There are laws prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation for public housing, jobs, etc. The Catholic Church has no say in the making or enforcement of those laws.

Theodore Seeber said...

I don't care what the laws say. I am asking you a direct question: Does physical gender exist?

Theodore Seeber said...

If you don't care what the laws say, then why are we even having this conversation? Aren't we discussing whether gay marriage should be legal? If the law allows it, who are you to say it shouldn't?

Theodore Seeber said...

What we are discussing is whether the church should be forced to become a walled abbey away from society, merely because some people think it should be forced to re-define the sacraments.

I say that the sacraments are based on a much better understanding of human sexuality than modern psychology possesses- one that is more in keeping with the physical biological reality of gender- and thus, that is actually better for people who struggle with the identity of their gender in any variety of ways.

We are also discussing the personal idea of gender itself- whether homosexuality actually exists outside of the brain. At all. I still consider it a mental illness no different than my own Asperger's- I had to learn to break my habits regarding pornography and my fetishes to have a healthy marriage, they should have to give up their fantasies about the same gender to have a healthy marriage.

Theodore Seeber said...

"What we are discussing is whether the church should be forced to become a walled abbey away from society, merely because some people think it should be forced to re-define the sacraments."

That is not what we are discussing. No one cares about your sacraments. You can define them any way you want. We are discussing institutional discrimination against gays promoted by the Catholic Church.

Theodore Seeber said...

And thus, you object to how the church defines the Sacrament of Marriage, as conjugal rather than consensual.

THAT is what this is about. It has already happened in other countries. First they redefine marriage, then they sue the churches into poverty.

Theodore Seeber said...

I don't object to how the Church defines any of its sacraments, including Marriage. The Church can define its sacraments any way it wants.

I will state my objection as clearly as I can. I object to the Church condemning something that is none of the Church's business. The Church exists to provide guidance to those who seek guidance from it. People like you. That's it. It oversteps its bounds when it comments on the moral character of those who do not seek its guidance. Period.

Theodore Seeber said...

Those two paragraphs are completely incompatible with one another. Either the Church has the right to teach Truth or it doesn't.

And YOU have stepped out of bounds repeatedly when trying to control my thoughts with your propaganda and lies. How is that any different at all?

Theodore Seeber said...

As for the Church teaching anyone anything, it should provide its guidance to those who seek it. It should not try to impose its values on those who don't.

You blog in order to exchange opinions with others. I am not overstepping my bounds by stating my opinions on your site or anyone else's.

What you call "lies and propaganda" I call the truth and visa versa. We make a complementary pair. It would be boring corresponding with someone who agrees with everything I say.

Theodore Seeber said...

There is only one reality. I refuse to acknowledge any other reality. This blog is not to "exchange opinions with others", this blog is "The crazy stuff I can't post anyplace else" (see top of screen).

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