Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why would a Methuselahite apply to join the army?

Deployment to war doesn't figure in majority of military suicides - latimes.com:

Apparently, outside of Chestertonian jokes and in the real American army, it is rather the opposite.  Apparently death-by-combat-with-the-enemy is as popular as death by cop, but when a disappointing post far from the front comes through instead, suicide is common.


Bill S said...

"researchers now tend to believe that some people have an underlying vulnerability that makes them more likely to kill themselves when faced with certain stressful situations"

I can see that in myself. If my life ever becomes irreversibly miserable, that will be it for me.

Theodore Seeber said...

Yes- some people lack the courage needed to face life. I was that way for a while in my teens and twenties- but, here's a thought. Plan to fail. Failing at suicide was one of the better things that ever happened to me.

Bill S said...

Having my wife find the note was one of the best things to happened. I couldn't have planned it to work out that way if I tried. It did seem like divine intervention. As did my meeting her 41 years ago.

Theodore Seeber said...

Hmm, I never thought of the fact that I survived taking a 30 pills of OTC tylenol 26 years ago as divine intervention, but maybe you're right.

Bill S said...

Well, I'm glad you survived. You've come a long way since then.

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