Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To be deep in history is to be Catholic. To be Deeper in History is to be Pagan.

And only those who are deep in history know what a noble suicide is and how incredibly superficial the symptoms of gay marriage and abortion really are.

The Suicide Note is fascinating- a man who seemingly had everything to live for, creates a human sacrifice at a Catholic Cathedral in a country that is quickly becoming very secular, over the protests of the common man.

His note points to his "recent writings", which include an interesting discussion stating that gay marriage doesn't matter because in 15 years, Islamics will be in the majority in France and quickly, under Shariah Law, enact the death penalty for homosexuality.


Bill S said...

I think he was right about the Muslims taking over France. I don't think his suicide is going to do anything to change that. If the Muslims become the majority, then they will gain control of the government. Muslims are having children while the original Europeans are not.

So, with contraception and gay marriage, the population of these Europeans will decline and they will be overrun by the Muslims who will ban gay marriage. I see the problem, but it is not worth dying because of it.

Theodore Seeber said...

I found it interesting that he choose human sacrifice as well- and telling that he had never quite gotten rid of his French Catholicism for where he choose his sacrifice to occur.

I do have to wonder, though, how the Hazmat team cleans up blood from relics. But that is my "fascination with the profane" side.

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