Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The last shall be first, and the first, last.

I am doing the "Read the Catechism in a year" program.  It was damaged halfway through by copyright issues.  The Bishops conference, or their lawyers, apparently did not like the idea of sending out the catechism in e-mail a small chunk at a time.  So they switched to the YouCat, the "Youth Catechism" and made hyperlinks out of the real Catechism references.

I cannot help but think that today's topic, the principle of subsidiarity, is pertinent:

@CatechismAPI - 1883-1896

In the 21st century in the United States of America, subsidiarity is illegal.  The supremacy of federal law dictates one culture, one law, in the States, and heaven help the State, the City, or the County that steps out of line.  And because the Bishops have chosen to nearly abandon the Imprimatur and the Nihil Obstat in favor of American copyright law, even a lay New Evangelization project like Read The Catechism in a Year is affected by the centralized groupthink.

Clericalism has done so much harm to the Church.  If they really want to get the laity involved, we need subsidiarity, not federalism.


Bill S said...

Do you ever find anything in the Catechism to be beyond all reason and logic. And if you do, do you make it your own reason and logic, replacing what was you inherent reason and logic with a new inerrant reason and logic. It seems to me that that is exactly what you do. You are incredibly intelligent but you have purposely allowed yourself to be brainwashed by a religion that offers you eternal life rather than just simply ceasing to exist when you die.

Theodore Seeber said...

There is no "beyond all reason and logic" for something that is based in reason and logic.

It seems to me that you've allowed your bias against heterosexual marriage and the traditional family to damage your reason and logic.

You've traded eternal life for gay marriage and euthanasia. Seems like a very *bad* trade to me.

Bill S said...

Eternal life was never mine to trade. I was always and still am destined for annihilation. I support gay marriage and euthanasia. I am not condemned for my support of those or of anything else that the Pope and his Catholic subjects are against.

The day will come when you no longer exist. Instead of wasting that great mind of yours learning more of the teachings of the Catholic Church and diligently defending them, you should think about how your worldview would change if I were right about what I have said about you ceasing to exist someday. It's funny, but one cannot help sounding like one is controlled by the devil when one tries to talk sense into a Catholic. That is because Catholics have been brainwashed to think that so as to keep the faith going to the next generation. It is what Richard Dawkins calls a meme in "The Selfish Gene".

Theodore Seeber said...

You see, that's the beauty of Catholicism, and being Catholic. The day will NOT come when we will not exist corporately- Nero thought so and his empire is gone, Saladin thought so and where is the Ottoman empire today, and your empire of Atheism will go the same way.

Bill S said...

Yes. I agree. The Catholic Church will always have the appeal of the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Just because I can see through that appeal doesn't mean that others can. Even someone as smart as you has swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

Theodore Seeber said...

What if it is YOU who has swallowed the bait of sin hook,line and sinker?

The only reason you've ever given me to oppose the church (real reason, not emotional claptrap) has been because you want the freedom to sin.

Bill S said...

Because I want the freedom to sin? No. I want the truth and as far as I can see, Catholicism is about as far from the truth that one can get while claiming to be the one true faith.

Theodore Seeber said...

You only believe that because you think the things that the Catholic Church teaches are sins, are good instead of wrong.

Someday, I would love to see your proof that the human race can survive with only gay marriage, since it's clear that is the way the rhetoric is going, that heterosexuals who have children and want to protect those children are evil.

Bill S said...

No. Sane people will not look at heterosexuals who want to have children and protect them as evil. The human race will survive gay marriage. It's silly to think that it won't.

Theodore Seeber said...

You know sane people? I certainly don't. Especially not by the standards of the DSM-V in which everybody is insane.

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