Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pope reveals a secret- sin and guilt and forgiveness are superficial

The real depth is that selfish living leads to death. Oh, maybe not physical death, though many sins are physically and bodily dangerous. But spiritual death and the loss of all the relationships we hold dear.


Bill S said...

I admit that it was selfishness that caused me to consider suicide. In that sense selfishness can lead to not physical and spiritual death. Jesus and the saints are good models of unselfishness.

Bill S said...


lead to BOTH physical and spiritual death.

Theodore Seeber said...

What I haven't said yet, is that in the last month, we've had the 2nd suicide at age 21 of a young man in my family brought up with no particular push towards religion.

The first was a few years ago. Once again, this is an extended cousin that I had lost track of due to a generation gap (the first was a first cousin, but one of the last two born on that side of the family in the late 1980s, the second was a second cousin, oldest son of one of my favorite first cousins, but a family that struggles with extreme mental disabilities).

I do see their sudden leaving the world to be acts of selfishness, even when pushed by mental illness and going off of meds.

Bill S said...

Religion does fill a void that atheism cannot. I was feeling a longing for the nothingness of not existing. But when I thought about the pain it would bring to my wife and then with her finding the note, I could see what a selfish act it would have been.

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